First, but hopefully not the last.

Hi there people of the WordPress world!! 

I am here to give blogging a shot. I know I’ve tried fashion blogging (and it really didn’t work out for me) or just photo blogging (didn’t really had that sense of fulfilment neither) before, but I guess that was just because I was in a quest to impress or just to kill time by doing something that I thought was an interesting task to do. Turns out it was just a complete waste of my time and effort. Plus the fact that no one was really appreciating what I was doing (well, at least that’s what I know) and it was just all a front? I guess I never really expressed myself in that kind of blog. I was always trying to impress people and imitate fashion bloggers (which will never happen, well not in right now tho). This time, I’m going to give it a second shot. A time to redeem myself. A time to just to let off steam or express thoughts that never really came out of my mouth.  A time to be me.. 


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