They don’t understand.

Can I just say that I hate school. I hate it so much that every period, I always scream out “I want to go home!!” to my classmate. I know it’s a little bit overdramatic, but you guys don’t understand the stress and pressure that I am feeling right now. I feel so drained. Most especially last week!!!! I feel like I was completely losing my mind because of the workloads I’ve got. Everybody’s telling me to just chill and not stress myself, but they don’t fucking understand okay?! They don’t understand what it’s like to be situated it that school. It’s not just any kind of university like La Salle or Benilde. It’s that kind of school wherein you have to work your butt off. Do things I’ve never really done before, like managing my time since I am swamped with shits I can’t handle, studying for a quiz the night before we take it (yes, I study just hours before the quiz), planning to do advanced readings in some subjects, and even staying up late just to finish my homework in Algebra. All of these are new to me, yes. It’s because that I’m such a lazy ass when I was in High school, but that’s not entirely it. IT IS BECAUSE OUR SCHOOL HAS SUCH A HIGH STANDARD, OK. So people, don’t try to advice me to chill and don’t stress myself out BECAUSE I NEED TO FUCKING MAINTAIN MY GENERAL WEIGHTED AVERAGE IN A RANGE BETWEEN 83-85 OKAY. This freaks the hell out of me because I’m scared I might not pass. I’m scared that I might get kicked out of PLM just because I didn’t make it to the required GWA. I just feel so depressed lately because all I’ve been up to is just planning how to survive PLM. It’s so sad because I honestly don’t know how or what makes me genuinely happy anymore. I feel like I’m forced to stay this sad. This depressed, wherein I can’t do anything about it anymore. Somebody help me!!!!!! <////////3


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