Lazy ass

So here’s the thing, I am a self-proclaimed lazy ass. It took me 4 months so revive this blog! Lol I have no commitment to things talaga, and it’s so funny. 

Here’s what you missed! 

1. I drink, and go to parties occasionally

2. I’m still that same insecure bitch that I was four months ago

3. I spent my sem break watching Grey’s Anatomy

4. I plan to rock the shit out of the 2nd semester

5. I don’t know what to say anymore, other than my life is a fucking bore

There you go! My life in a nutshell. 

Lately, I’ve been implementing a new rule for myself. It’s just one simple rule that I’ve been meaning to implement, and it is to be the better version of myself. So I’ve been in a rollercoaster ride in terms of my diet, my attitude and most of all, my insecurities in life never fail to get the best of every single piece of me. It’s unending, I tell you…

This hate and discontentment that I feel for myself will never go away, even if I seem to make improvements. It’s like, my expectations never fail to go up every single time I see a pretty girl, or maybe someone who has a great body. I NEED TO LEARN HOW TO NOT CARE TOO MUCH. I need to learn how to see things at a different angle. I need to fucking chill. 


I know I should be worrying about the victims of the recent Typhoon Yolanda, instead of squealing and ranting about how I feel so insecure, but what the fuck. I can’t stop criticizing myself in anything I do. I can’t seem to stop, and that’s why I think that I have a problem already.. Please help me. Save me from my worst enemy, myself.