About this woman

Aleczandra is the woman you wouldn’t want to mess with. She eats people up for lunch. She’s been wandering around the plains of the Earth for about 17 years now. To say that her life’s an unending fun in the sun is the ultimate understatement. People know her as a crazy girl who always makes messed up facial expressions, but that isn’t all she is. She’s a bitch. A hardcore bitch. She hates people, particularly those who think they know everything. She hates everything around her, most especially when she’s on her period.

She has this side of her that just collapses when she’s alone. She loves the idea of sinking her teeth into books, thinking her life might become one of those with happy endings. She often times rely on music to try and figure out what the hell she’s feeling, and usually finds the right one. She’s a sensitive girl who claims she’s a woman, but in reality she’s a far long way from it. Take a seat as we both enjoy her rants, mishaps, and adventures into reaching that point of womanhood.. And most especially, contentment.


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